Exo 800 and Exo 600 make Omni-ID’s Exo family of top quality UHF RFID tags for industrial applications even more rich

Omni-ID UHF RFID tags for industrial applications.

The new Omni-ID products are designed to offer excellent reading performance across all world’s regions together with the recognized robustness of the other members of the Exo family of cost-efficient, durable UHF RFID tags for Returnable Transport Item tracking and other indoor and outdoor industrial applications.  

UHF RFID tags for industrial applications

Exo 800

Exo 800 is optimized to provide the best performance on metal, but works very well also on non-metallic surfaces. Used in combination with fixed interrogators, this industrial RFID tag can be read from up to 8 meters on metallic substrates and up to 6 meters on non-metallic surfaces, while the read range achieves 4 and 3 meters, on- and off- metal respectively, with handheld devices. Exo 800 measures 110 by 25 by 12.85 millimeters and can be fixed with screws as standard option or with industrial adhesive or cable ties as alternatives. The product is high performance solution for logistics such as manufacturing tote tracking, work in process part control and a wide range of asset maintenance and inventory management applications.

Exo 600 UHF RFID tags for industrial applications

Exo 600 (with and without screw holes)


Smaller than Ex0 800, also Exo 600 is optimized to perform best on metal with read range up to 6 m with fixed readers and up to 3 meters with handheld ones. Ideally suited for tracking Returnable Transit Item and work in process parts, the tag offers a broad read angle that makes it an excellent solution for warehouse portal applications. Exo 600 is available in two versions that differ in mounting method and sizes. The model designed for adhesive attachment measures 60 x 15 x 12.2 mm, while the screw-mounting version is 80 x 15 x 12.2 mm.


Both Exo 600 and Exo 800 feature an ABS rigid plastic encasement that is rated IP68 and withstands demanding mechanical and thermal stresses. Exo 600 and Ex0 800 leverage the Impinj Monza 4QT chip with 128 bits of EPC memory, a 48-bit unique serialized number, 512 bits of user memory and a variety of advanced additional features. The tags’ surfuces come with a slightly recessed area allowing for service bureau printing or labeling. Omni-ID can deliver the products with optional ATEX certification for use in potentially explosive areas.

Please contact Omni-ID or access the VeryFields RFID Tags Database to get futher information on these UHF RFID tags for industrial applications, and see also the other tags of the Omni-ID Exo range, Exo 210 and Exo 750.

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