Confidex unveiled durable, waterproof NFC labels for all surfaces and environments


Confidex’ range of durable and waterproof NFC labels offers solutions for all environments and all surfaces, metal included.        


Durable waterproof NFC labels for non-metal surfaces

Confidex NFC-stickers for non-metal surfaces

Durable waterproof NFC labels for metal

Confidex NFC-stickers for all surfaces

Rated IP68, that means they are waterproof and dustproof, the Confidex NFC-stickers are also tested for long-term exposure to chemicals such as salt water, motor oil and sulphuric acid (H2SO4), and short-term exposure to acetone and sodium hydroxide (NaOH/Caustic soda). These capabilities make the Confidex NFC-stickers an excellent solution not just for common NFC applications such as product and brand authentication, marketing applications through enhanced customer experience and easy connection of the real world with social media, but also for heavy duty asset tracking and maintenance management in industrial indoor and outdoor environments.

The Confidex NFC-sticker for non-metal surfaces feature the NXP NTAG203 or the Infineon my-d move NFC, chips which are both NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant.

The Confidex NFC-stickers for all surfaces, including metal, are available the same chips as the non-metal version and also with the NXP MIFARE Classic 1K, higher-memory option which is not fully NFC Forum Type 2 Tag compliant.

All Confidex NFC-stickers measure 40 by 35 millimeters and are delivered on rolls for easy handling. Customers are able to print and encode the stickers with their own data, but Confidex can also provide the products pre-printed with artworks and human readable data according to the customer requirements. These NFC labels come with permanent adhesive as standard, but releasable adhesive is available as an option.

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