Omni-ID launched enhanced Visual Tags based on the DASH7 / ISO 18000-7 and Gen 2 RFID standards

Omni-ID wireless-programmable display-tags.

The new Omni-ID Visual Tags feature re-writable electrophoretic displays and leverage two different RFID technologies, active DASH7 / ISO 18000-7 and passive EPC Gen 2, to provide an effective solution that eliminates the high costs related with the use of big quantities of paper labels in cyclic industrial supply chain processes, work-in-process instructions and dynamic barcode label tasks, while automating and dramatically improving operations.  

DASH7 Gen 2 wireless-programmable display-tags

View 2, View 3 and View 4

The Omni-ID Visual Tags are innovative wireless-programmable display-tags based on an active RF part and a passive RF part that communicate with each other since they are electronically connected. The active part offers a large memory that can store 24 images + 32 kB of additional user data and is based on the DASH7 / ISO 18000-7 standard providing read range over 100 meters and high reliability in identifying every single device, even if hundreds of tags are present in the area. The passive part is managed by the NXP UCODE G2iL+ chip, which is compliant with the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 standard, and provides typical read range up to 6 meters. These wireless-programmable display-tags have an extremely rugged and waterproof encasement that makes them suitable for harsh industrial conditions. The typical applications of the Omni-ID Visual Tags include Work-in-Process control and Kanban systems in manufacturing, logistics in postal and sorting operations, warehousing and yard management, food supply chain, equipment tracking and labeling in healthcare. The built-in battery allows heavy duty use as it provides a shelf-life of 20,000 image writes or 5 years of use. The attachment versatility is granted by many available options such as industrial adhesive, custom screw-mounting or magnetic brackets, rail mount holders, brackets for ties and cables. The products can be provided also with several customizations, including highly segmented displays, built-in buttons, magnetic switches and LEDs. The Omni-ID Visual Tags come in three basic models that differ in the size of their displays to meet different requirements such as the location for the display tag, the amount of content that will be displayed in one page, the read distance for the display. The display of View 2 has a diagonal of 50.80 mm, the display of View 3 a diagonal of 66.68 mm, View 4 has the largest display with a diagonal of 110 mm. The Omni-ID Visual Tags can be delivered with the ProVIEW Software Suite for easy and effective development of complete solutions.

Interested in more details about these wireless-programmable display-tags? Please contact Omni-ID or login to the VeryFields RFID Tags Database.

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