BAP card from CSL provides long read range even when held very close to human body

BAP RFID cards.

Convergence Systems Limited (CSL), RFID hardware designer and reseller based in Hong Kong, joins VeryFields and presents a BAP RFID card for people tracking which provides long read range even when held next to human body.    


BAP RFID card for people tracking

CS9010 BAP ID Card

The CS9010 BAP ID Card has been specifically designed for cost-effective, hands-free people tracking in compliance with the EPC Gen 2 standard, that means it can be read with common Gen 2 readers. Thanks to the embedded ultra-thin battery which boosts the RF signal, this BAP RFID card delivers read range up to 25 meters in free space and consistent reads with 5-meters read range when held in a pocket. The CS9010 has also a specific antenna design which provides high orientation insensitivity. Worn as a badge or carried in a wallet, pocket, backpack, or purse, the product is an excellent solution for hands-free personnel monitoring, generation of alerts to keep people away from dangerous areas, event attendance tracking, loyalty program management and customer experience enhancing, visitors tracking at theme parks and sport timing. The CS9010 BAP ID Card can be also used for animal tracking, IT asset management and other logistics applications.

Convergence Systems Limited can deliver this BAP RFID card with optional punch hole and four-color printing. Furthermore, CSL can provide special holders designed to securely tight the BAP card around a leg or an arm of runners participating in marathons and other competitions.

More details on these BAP RFID card from Convergence Systems Limited is available by accessing the VeryFields RFID Tags Database. Please login or register for free you don’t have an account yet.

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