Active tags for people location monitoring from SensMaster

SensMaster active rfid tags.

SensMaster, leader manufacturer of active tags and readers, joined VeryFields. Here an introduction to to Edam, active RFID tags for people safety, and Helena, an active RFID wristband for detainees and mental health patients monitoring.   .

RFID tags for people safety


The Edam are battery powered devices ideally suited to people tracking in both indoor and outdoor environments. These active RFID tags can be easily worn thanks to the holder for necklace or breast-pocket. Their typical applications include personnel safety in industrial environments, children monitoring in theme parks and schools, automated guest services. The light indicator and the optional buzzer are useful for generating visual and acoustic alerts. Intended for use with the TM700 series RFIDS readers, the Edam tags can either beacon a message in intervals or be configured to wake-up mode. The transmitted message contains a Unique IDentifier (UID), a User Defined String (UDS) and other status information, remaining battery shelf-life included. The Edam tags provide up to 60 meter read range with line of sight and work reliably in environments with high presence of metals and hundreds of tags to be monitored. These active RFID tags are powered by a replaceable, low cost, button cell lithium battery. Options available: buzzer, confirmation button..

Active RFID wristband



The Helena is an active RFID wristband specifically designed for secure tracking and monitoring of detainees and mental health patients. The device can be read at long distances (up to 60 meters) and features sensors able to detect removal and damage attempts, fall and shock/violence events. Thanks to the capability of producing alerts, this active wristband can be used to prevent patients or detainees from leaving a restricted zone. The Helena has a robust and shower-proof construction, a long life battery and a built-in temperature sensor. Also this product works with TM700 series RFIDS readers.



For more info on the Edam products, RFID tags for people safety, and Helena, active RFID wristband for detainees and mental health patients, please contact SensMaster or access the VeryFields RFID Tag Database. If you have not an account yet, please register free here.

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