SensMaster’s Samui and Boyard available now with cost-effective motion detector

SensMaster active RFID tags with motion detectorBesides the versions with built-in accelerometer, SensMaster’s long-read-range active RFID tags for asset tracking are now available also with 3-axes motion detector. The new option provides a lower-cost solution for applications where there is no need for measuring acceleration and movement of the tagged assets, but just detect movement.  

Active RFID tags with motion detector

Samui with motion detector

Samui with motion detector has a weight of just 25 grams and measures 40 x 29 x 13 millimeters. A typical use of this active RFID tag with motion detector is the surveillance of high value assets in public areas, i.e. IT assets. When an asset is moved beyond a certain detection threshold, the movement is detected to raise an alarm, invoke CCTV recording and/or call security. Another typical application is the detection of unwanted movements during certain manufacturing processes, for instance during painting. Discover also Samui with accelerometer and its possible applications.
Boyard with motion detector weights 90 grams and measures 80 x 40 x 20 millimeters. This product has a longer battery life compared to Samui’s and is available also with on-board buzzer and removal/switch-off detector to provide an unbreakable asset security solution. Boyard is used to keep under control a wide range of high-value assets moving in large indoor and outdoor areas, including golf carts.
On both Samui and Boyard, the motion detector is used also to reduce the tag communication activity, therefore reducing radio traffic and saving battery power. In fact, when a tag/asset is stationary, the update interval in the tag-readers communication can be automatically changed for instance from 2 seconds to a longer interval of 120 seconds. As soon as the asset/tag starts moving the communication interval can be reverted to the faster rate.
Intended for use with readers of the SensMaster TM700 series, SensMaster’s active RFID tags provide read range up to 60 meters with excellent performance also without line-of-sight.

Please contact SensMaster for further details on all the functionalities of their active RFID tags with motion detector, or access the VeryFields database.

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