• Samll round NFC inlay label Invengo started to manufacture NFC inlays and labels

    Invengo started to provide NFC inlays and NFC labels in order to meet the growing demand for this kind of products coming from its clients. Continue reading

  • Invengo Butterfly with Impinj Monza 5 Invengo released a new compact UHF inlay with Impinj Monza 5 and new tags for book spines and jewelry tagging

    Invengo released new, enhanced versions of three UHF tag products: Butterfly UHF inlay, Gem Jewelry Tag and Library Tag. Continue reading

  • Invengo Great Wall Monza 5 Invengo unveiled new versions of the Great Wall and xWing UHF inlays

    Invengo presented two new UHF RFID inlays: the Great Wall with Impinj Monza 5 and the xWing with NXP UCODE G2iL chip. Continue reading



    INVENGO TECHNOLOGIES - Textile Services & Custom Specific Applications
    180 Voie Ariane, Z.I. Athélia I, 13600 La Ciotat, France, +33 (0)4 1396 1111
    Contact: angeline.fraud@invengo.com


    ABOUT Invengo

    Invengo provides a smart-linen system called ACUITY, enabling real-time inventory visibility of hotel and hospital textile assets, through reliable tracking and monitoring of their flow, usage and life cycle from linen supplier their laundry maintenance. Our innovative and proven technology platform, combining software, RFID hardware and services, adapts to our customers’ evolving requirements in terms of stock volumes and multiple site deployments, and significantly contributes to monitoring expenses and operational costs, optimizing stocks and purchases and considerably improving end-user satisfaction.

    Invengo is the largest publicly traded, purely RFID-oriented company in the world, employing over 600 people globally and fully dedicated to enabling efficiency in fast-growth applications such as asset management, supply chain management, access control, authentication and brand equity. For more information, visit www.invengo.com/textile

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