Novadis Nova-Tag UHF 38×18, low cost, durable RFID tags for laundry applications and demanding environments

Novadis low cost durable RFID tagsNovadis, manufacturer of innovative fasteners, rubber and plastic components, technical films and industrial packaging and identification solutions based in Switzerland, is introducing RFID tags engineered to provide excellent durability at low cost. The Nova-Tag products feature a special polymer film that protects the embedded RFID inlay from a wide range of corrosive chemicals and industrial environments.    

Low cost durable RFID tags for laundry

Nova-Tag UHF 38×18

The first model presented, Nova-Tag UHF 38×18, is a low cost durable RFID tag primarily designed for laundry applications. This small and robust RFID tag survives autoclave sterilization and all the washing and cleaning processes typical of industrial laundries. Nova-Tag UHF 38×18 is a cost-efficient solution for inventory and tracking of garments also because it can be quickly, easily and securely attached by sewing, insertion or heat-sealing by mean of a textile patch. The tag is durable yet thin, soft and hypoallergenic at the same time, so it does not hamper movements and does not cause itchiness to skin. Available with the chips of the Impinj Monza 4 Series, Nova-Tag UHF 38×18 provides read range up to 3 meters, despite its compact sizes. This makes it suitable also for apparel source tagging and industrial applications such as tracking of work-in-process parts and management of returnable containers. Surviving also plastic injection molding processes, the Nova-Tag UHF 38×18 can be used to manufacture custom-housing tags and RFID-enabled plastic containers and assets. The product can be delivered in single units or in rolls upon customer request. Novadis can also provide RFID tags with custom sizes and different UHF RFID inlays in order to meet customers’ specific requirements. Moreover, several HF versions working in compliance with the ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 A RFID standards are available with the same special protection of the Nova-Tag UHF 38×18.

These low cost durable RFID tags from Novadis are no longer present in the VeryFields Database, but you can use our RFID tag search engine to find other tags that meet your requirements.

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