New ultra-small UHF RFID tags from TAGSYS use external conductive parts to extend the read range

TAGSYS RFID’s new AKTag UHF Tag and MuTRAK UHF Tag offer innovative solutions for a wide variety of item-level RFID applications, from retail to industrial asset tracking. They bring together ultra small sizes and low costs with the special ability to use external conductive parts to extend read range.       

These near-field UHF RFID tags are able to induce a sufficient electric current in conductive objects or packaging, which are directly connected or placed in close proximity, and make them work as far-field antennas to provide long read range.

AKTag UHF Tag near-field RFID inlay


Available in the dry inlay and finished paper label formats, the AKTag UHF Tag measures 12 x 10 mm and is ideally suited for non-industrial applications. Used as a stand-alone near-field tag, the AKTag UHF Tag can be read from up to 50 cm, while the read range can exceed 7 m when it is electrically connected to a secondary far-field antenna or another metallic part. The read range reaches 2 m when there is just magnetic coupling with a metallic part placed at a maximum distance of 2 cm. Ideal choice for apparel tagging and other retail applications, courier boxes and luggage tracking, the AKTag UHF Tag brings lowering of production costs, flexibility and feasibility of the whole RFID solution by allowing full integration into custom designed RFID labels and envelopes of different shapes, sizes, content and materials, metal included. TAGSYS offers a full suite of off-the-shelf secondary antenna designs for specific applications but can also provide rapid prototyping and deployment of antenna designs based on customer’s requirements. Below two pictures which show how the AKTag UHF Tag uses glasses arms and the metal wire inside a bra to extend the read range.

RFID tags for glasses arms

AKTag UHF Tag on glasses arms

RFID tags for bras

AKTag UHF Tag on a bra

Ultra small UHF RFID tags for metal


Ultra-small UHF RFID tags which measures 7 x 7 x 1.4 mm, the MuTRAK UHF Tag is designed to meet specific item-level tagging requirements in terms of sizes, robustness and reading performance. This UHF tag has a built-in, near-field UHF antenna that can provide up to 30 cm read range on non-metallic surfaces and over 14 m when directly attached to a metal surface. The robust encasement, which withstands very high temperature, injection molding, autoclave sterilization and other harsh processes, makes this tag a low cost, reliable, high-performance solution for source tagging of a wide variety of assets such as plastic parts, metal pallets and containers, beverage kegs and gas cylinders, metal poles and signs, hand tools and surgical instruments. The MuTRAK UHF Tag is also widely used in industrial laundry applications. In fact, it can be easily inserted in a small pouch or heat-sealed directly onto garments, and provides resistance to repeated industrial laundry processes such as tunnel washer, finisher and ironing.

RFID tags for scissors

MuTRAK UHF Tag on scissors

RFID tags for metal slots

MuTRAK UHF Tag on a metal slot

The AKTag UHF Tag and MuTRAK UHF Tag feature the Impinj Monza 5 chip which provides 128 bits of user memory, a serialized 48-bit TID and special features for fast and secure read/write operations.

Many more details on these TAGSYS RFID products are available by accessing the VeryFields RFID Tags Database. Please login if you already have an account or sign up free.

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