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Xerafy Mercury Metal Skin Dry Inlay

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Xerafy Mercury Metal Skin Dry InlayThe Xerafy Mercury Metal Skin Dry Inlay is an innovative UHF RFID solution designed for smart labelling both metallic and non-metallic assets. The product conforms to typical label conversion manufacturing processes and the following customizations such as printing of human readable data, barcodes, and graphics. Providing a cost effective solution for metal and high read performance on all surfaces with read range up to 5 meters, the Mercury Metal Skin Dry Inlay is a very versatile RFID tag well suited for a broad range of applications such as product authentication and anti-counterfeiting of high value items, tracking of IT assets and medical supplies, global tracking of assets shipped. The tag is tuned for global-use and performs very well also on non-metallic assets filled with liquids.