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Tertium Technology MWS TagTText

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Tertium Technology MWS TagTTextFeaturing an integrated temperature sensor and also an external temperature probe, the Tertium Technology MWS TagTText is a compact active RFID tag with temperature logging capability designed for simultaneous monitoring of both external ambient temperature and temperature of perishable goods inside the tagged container. Data retrieval within large areas such parkings, factories and ports is made easy by the tag read range that achieves 100 meters. Both the internal temperature sensor and the external temperature probe provide resolution of 0.01 degrees Celsius, typical accuracy of +-0.2 degrees Celsius and can measure temperature ranging between -30 and 60 degrees Celsius. The tag comes with a 2MB logging memory that stores around 30000 temperature samples (7 bytes per sample). Compatible with the Tertium Technology MWS Readers and IceTag Cube Reader, which work at 2.45 GHz over a proprietary protocol based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard, and being empowered with enhanced functionalities, the MWS TagTText ensures robust radio communications. The Tertium Technology MWS Readers are small and easy to install as they can communicate with PCs and other IT devices via USB cable, Bluetooth and GPRS, depending on the model. With the help of the TT-RFID protocol, a software platform that allows simultaneous and homogeneous management of all the Tertium Technology readers, including the HF ISO 15693 and UHF EPC Class 1 Gen 2 devices, the development of solutions based on the Tertium Technology active RFID technology and the integration with passive RFID systems is extremely easy. The Tertium Technology hardware products are offered with different software packages and service levels to meet all the needs of users and integrators that want to develop applications from scratch or adopt ready-to-use functionalities. The options range from a low-level Software Development Kit for users who need maximum flexibility in the development of their applications, to those who want a set of ready-to-use applications. Addionally, Tertium Technology can provide also entirely customized applications in order to meet specific requirements. As standard, the Tertium Technology MWS Tag uses a replaceable CR2 3V 800mAh lithium battery that provides a shelf life up to 10 years. As an alternative, the tag can be supplied with a replaceable AA 3V 1350mAh lithium battery with longer shelf life. The nude product can be permanently mounted with screws or silicone, but mounting brackets are available at Tertium Technology for easy mounting and removal.