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RTEC Ironlabel Standard (US)

General description of the RTEC Ironlabel Standard (US). In order to easily find the best RFID tags for your applications by defining many tag characteristics at a time, please go to the RFID Tag Search page.

RTEC Ironlabel Standard USThe RTEC Ironlabel Standard are special UHF RFID labels designed to provide long read range when attached to any curved or non-flat surface. With read range up to 4.5 meters on metal and up to 6 meters off metal, the Ironlabel Standard meet the performance requirements set by FSTC for passive RFID tags for IT asset tracking. The products can be delivered with human readable data, 1D or 2D barcode pre-printed on the surface. This product version is optimized for use in the FCC 902-928 MHz frequency band (Americas, Japan).