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RTEC Ironlabel Lite (CN)

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RTEC Ironlabel Lite CNThe RTEC Ironlabel Lite is a special UHF RFID label designed to provide long read range when attached to any curved or non-flat surface. With read range up to 4.5 meters on metallic and non metallic surfaces as well, the Ironlabel Standard meet the performance requirements set by FSTC for passive RFID tags for IT asset tracking. Measuring 80x20 mm with a thickness of just 0.9 mm, this durable UHF RFID label is suited for IT assets, tools, returnable containers and other assets with curved surfaces. The ability to adhere to curved surfaces makes the Ironlabel Lite suitable also for metallic assets such beverage kegs, gas cylinders and fire extinguishers. The Ironlabel Lite can be delivered with human readable data, 1D or 2D barcode pre-printed on the surface. This product version is optimized to provide excellent performance in the 920-925 MHz frequency band (China).