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RTEC Atom Magnus (CN)

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RTEC Atom Magnus CNLeveraging the RFMicron Magnus S2 chip with RFMicron's Chameleon technology, the RTEC Atom Magnus is an extremely small passive on-metal UHF RFID tag that is capable of sensing the proximity of objects and the surrounding pressure and moisture variations to adapt itself to these de-tuning factors to constantly provide high performance, with read range up to 5 meters. Using the same capabilities, the Atom Magnus can be employed for security purposes, for instance to check if an object is moved away from close proximity to the tag, and as low-cost pressure and moisture sensor. Measuring just 25x9x3.2 mm, the Atom Magnus is well suited for small metallic tools, IT assets, medical equipment and Work in Process metallic parts. Its durable encasement, which is rated IP68 and withstands temperature up to 150 degrees Celsius, allows the tag to be reliably used in the harshest industrial environments. The RFMicron Magnus S2 chip offers up to 272 bits of EPC memory and up to 144 bits of additional user memory. This product version is specifically optimized for use in the 920-925 MHz frequency band (China).