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HID Global SlimFlex Tag Square

General description of the HID Global SlimFlex Tag Square. In order to easily find the best RFID tags for your applications by defining many tag characteristics at a time, please go to the RFID Tag Search page.

HID Global SlimFlex Tag SquareThe HID Global SlimFlex Tag Square features a unique design that allows to mount the tag perpendicularly to a surface, like a flag. Securely fixed with glue or screws, the SlimFlex Tag Square can be used to track wooden and plastic pallets, shipping containers and other assets with narrow or irregular surfaces. The tag provides a wider read angle when mounted on the corner of an asset. The ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE) encasement is waterproof and delivers exceptional resistance to a wide range of environmental agents, aggressive chemicals and mechanical stresses typical of industrial environments. The SlimFlex Tag Square is optimized for reliable global performance providing read range up to 8 m on non-metal assets.