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HID Global SlimFlex Tag Mini

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HID Global SlimFlex Tag MiniMember of the HID Global SlimFlex Tag Series of flexible global-use UHF RFID tags for harsh environments, the SlimFlex Tag Mini provides read range up to 5 meters despite its dimensions of just 65mm x 12mm x 2mm. Thanks to its flexible structure, the tag can adhere to both flat and curved surfaces and be fixed by means of industrial grade adhesive, screws, cable ties or bends. It works also on metallic assets, if mounted vertical to the surface with a cable tie. The SlimFlex Tag Mini is rated IP68 and survives many aggressive chemicals, demanding mechanical and thermal stresses, prolonged immersion in water and exposure to UV rays. Ease of installation, high durability and long read range make this UHF RFID tag a great solution for a very wide range of applications, including tracking of small pipes, beverage kegs, gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, hoses, cables, trees and other tubular objects. The SlimFlex Tag Mini comes in white as standard color, but can be delivered in alternate colors upon special request. Other customization services include embossed logo and laser-engraving of barcodes, numbering, text and logo. The product leverages the Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip.