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HID Global SlimFlex Tag Laundry

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HID Global SlimFlex Tag LaundryUHF RFID tag specifically designed to enable automated sorting, inventory and accounting of garments in industrial laundries, the HID Global SlimFlex Tag Laundry withstands the chemical exposure and high temperatures of repeated commercial washing, drying and pressing cycles. Flexible and robust to tolerate repeated bending and torsion, the SlimFlex Tag Laundry is small and can be discreetly sewn into the hem of clothing or linens. This EPC Gen 2 tag provides high performance across all world's regions and read range up to 2.5 meters, when attached to non-metallic surfaces. The durable housing protects the embedded electronics from strong impact, high pressure, aggressive chemicals and other harsh conditions making the SlimFlex Tag Laundry suitable also for a wide range of industrial applications. The tag features NXP UCODE G2iM chip that offers 256 bits of EPC memory, 512 bits of user memory and 96 bits of TID with a 48-bit unique serial number.