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HID Global SlimFlex Tag 200

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HID Global SlimFlex Tag 200The HID Global SlimFlex Tag 200 is a waterproof, rugged yet flexible UHF RFID tag specifically designed for being easily mounted vertical to any metallic and non-metallic surface by means of a cable tie. Excellent robustness and long read range up to 8 meters combined with the special mounting method, which allows also easy removal and re-location, make this global-use UHF RFID tag well suited for a very wide range of applications. The SlimFlex Tag 200 can be used to track small pipes, beverage kegs, gas cylinders, fire extinguishers, hoses, cables, trees and other tubular objects without the need to drill the asset. The yellow color (Pantone 108), grants high visibility in shelving and aisle marking application, and excellent contrast when the tag is laser-engraved with custom barcodes, numbering, text or logo. Withstanding many aggressive chemicals, demanding mechanical and thermal stresses, prolonged immersion in water and exposure to UV rays, the SlimFlex Tag 200 can be reliably used in harsh outdoor and industrial environments. The tag can also be attached to non-metallic surfaces with industrial glue.