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HID Global SlimFlex Seal Tag

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HID Global SlimFlex Seal TagThe HID Global SlimFlex Seal Tag is a durable UHF RFID tag with integrated tamper-evident cable tie designed to track industrial containers while protecting their content. The tag is suitable for challenging industrial and outdoor environments thanks to its ThermoPlastic Elastomer construction that survives repeated bending and reliably protects the internal electronics from prolonged immersion, aggressive chemicals and exposure to UV rays. The SlimFlex Seal Tag is an ideal solution for sealing containers as industrial bags, sacks and containers, reusable shipping vessels, cartons and canisters, hazardous waste receptacles. The robust integrated cable tie not only works as effective tamper-detection tool, but also provides high attachment versatility. The tag leverages the Alien Technology Higgs-3 chip providing read range up to 8 meters across all world's regions. The standard color is yellow (Pantone 108), which grants high visibility and excellent contrast when the tag is laser-engraved with custom barcodes, numberings, texts or logos.