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HID Global SlimFlex Seal Tag Mini

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HID Global SlimFlex Seal Tag MiniThe HID Global SlimFlex Seal Tag Mini is a robust and versatile UHF RFID tag specifically designed to track industrial containers while protecting their content. In fact, the tag comes with an integrated cable tie that makes the tag installation fast and cannot be reused to seal a container after having been broken the first time. Despite the small dimensions of 60mm x 12mm x 2mm, the tag provides read range up to 5 meters in worldwide operations. Like all the products of the HID Global Slimflex family, the SlimFlex Seal Tag Mini features a durable ThermoPlastic Elastomer construction that survives harsh industrial and outdoor environments, aggressive chemical, prolonged immersion and exposure to UV rays. The product is ideally suited for sealing containers as industrial bags, sacks and containers, reusable shipping vessels, cartons and canisters, hazardous waste receptacles. The tag can be delivered customized with laser-engraved or embossed logo, laser engraved texts, barcodes, numberings.