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HID Global Piccolino Tag - Fujitsu MB89R118C (634190)

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HID Global Piccolino Tag - Fujitsu MB89R118C 634190The HID Global Piccolino Tag is an extremely small, round ISO 15693 RFID tag specifically designed for direct integration into non-metallic assets or custom form factor housings. Adopting the Piccolino Tag, manufacturers of a wide range of products can easily RFID-enable the goods they produce at the point of manufacture, and RFID tag manufacturers can save time and expense for electronics design and better focus efforts on providing specific solutions to their customers. This product version (634190) has a diameter of 9.5 mm and a thickness of just 1 mm, and features the Fujitsu MB89R118C chip that offers 2 kB of R/W FRAM user memory capable of withstanding gamma radiation.