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HID Global Logi Tag 121 - HID Global Vigo 1K (6A9121-010)

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HID Global Logi Tag 121 - HID Global Vigo 1K 6A9121-010Designed leveraging the HID Global Vigo technology which allows to produce miniaturized HF RFID tags without compromising performance and durability, the HID Global Logi Tag 121 is an ISO 15693 compliant HF RFID tag that offers excellent durability in a very small round encasement with 12-mm diameter and 2-mm thickness. The tag survives prolonged immersion in water, challenging thermal cycling, aggressive chemicals typical of industrial environments, strong vibrations, shocks and other mechanical stresses. Attached with industrial glue, the Logi Tag 121 is well suited for identifying a wide range of non-metallic assets, tools and boxes for inventory and tracking purposes in healthcare and industrial environments. Thanks to its small sizes and rugged encasement, the tag is a good fit also for garment management and industrial laundry automation. Logi Tag 121 can be delivered with custom printed logo. The Vigo 1k chip offers a 64-bit UID and 1024 bits of user memory protected by a 32-bit password.