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HID Global LinTag Heat-seal (US)

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HID Global LinTag Heat-seal USPart of HID Global's LinTag family of small UHF RFID tags specifically designed for tracking linen and garments in processes that involve very frequent commercial laundry washings, the LinTag Heat-seal features heat-transfer adhesive on its back to be easily attached to textiles and provides read range up to 3 meters. Thanks to its housing made of cotton and polyester, the LinTag Heat-seal is flexible and soft, but also durable to reliably undergo up to 300 laundry cycles. The product survives exposure to water and all chemicals common to commercial laundry and dry cleaning, sterilizing heat, peak temperature up to 120 degrees Celsius for 100 hours. It endures water extraction at pressure of 60 bar and ironing. Reliable and cost-effective solution for tracking linens and garments used in restaurants, hotels and hospitals, the LinTag Heat-seal allows not only to improve laundry operations by reducing human labor and errors, but also to monitor linen usage, attrition and loss. The tag is suitable also for tracking clothing and accessories as leather bags during manufacturing and along their whole supply chain for brand protection purposes. The LinTag Heat-seal can be delivered in special form factors to meet specific customer needs. The NXP UCODE G2iL chip provides 128 bits of EPC memory, a 64-bit unalterable tag identifier and high read sensitivity. This product version is optimized for use in the 902-928 MHz frequency band (Americas, China, Japan).