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HID Global Keg Tag UHF (EU)

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HID Global Keg Tag UHF EUFeaturing a rugged encasement with curved shape with curve radius of 75 mm, the HID Global Keg Tag UHF is a UHF RFID tag specifically designed for tracking gas bottles. The tag is engineered for being attached with industrial glue and, despite measuring just 40x33x9 mm, provides read range up to 6 meters. The Keg Tag UHF is rated IP69K and IP68 to survive high-pressure and high-temperature washdowns, and prolonged immersion in water. The rugged encapsulation withstands also challenging mechanical stresses and a broad range of aggressive chemicals and environmental conditions. The product can be used also to track other curved metallic assets with curve radiuses comparable to those of gas bottles. The Impinj Monza 4E chip offers 496 bits of EPC memory, a 48-bit unalterable serial number and 128 bits of additional user memory. This product version (6C6985) is optimized for use at 865-868 MHz (Europe, Middle East, India, South Africa).