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HID Global InLine Tag Ultra (6A7980)

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HID Global InLine Tag Ultra 6A7980The HID Global InLine Tag Ultra (6A7980) are a high-end RFID tag solution well suited for a wide range of global logistics and asset tracking applications. Thanks to HID Global's patented 3D antenna, these UHF passive RFID tags provide long read ranges on all surfaces (up to 8 meters) and excellent orientation insensitivity at the same time. Waterproof RFID tags, the InLine Tag Ultra are designed to survive aggressive chemicals and high impacts, and provide excellent performance and reading stability across fluctuating temperatures. The InLine Tag Ultra (6A7980) can be fixed with screws or glue. Typical applications include tracking of trucks, wagons and trains, pallets and goods, shipping containers and waste bins. The Impinj Monza 4QT chip features 512 bits of read/write user memory and allows to keep separate public and private profiles for added data security.