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HID Global IN Tag 500 - Fujitsu MB89R118C

General description of the HID Global IN Tag 500 - Fujitsu MB89R118C. In order to easily find the best RFID tags for your applications by defining many tag characteristics at a time, please go to the RFID Tag Search page.

HID Global IN Tag 500 - Fujitsu MB89R118CThe HID Global IN Tag 500 with Fujitsu MB89R118C chip are small HF RFID tags which provide 2 kB of R/W FRAM user memory. They are a great option for use in a wide range of industrial asset tracking applications. With IP68 and IP69K protection, these HF RFID tags are able to withstand harsh environments and temperatures up to 140 degrees Celsius for 100 hours. Can be attached via adhesive, screws or be directly embedded in items to be tagged. The PPA (polyphthalamide) housing allows direct contact with edible products.