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HID Global IN Tag 300 8KB

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HID Global IN Tag 300 8KBLeveraging Fujitsu's Ferroelectric Random Access Memory (FRAM) that withstands gamma radiation up to 50 kGray and provides high access speed and extreme data retention, the HID Global IN Tag 300 8KB is an ISO 15693 compliant RFID tag specifically designed for applications where tagged assets must undergo repeated radiation and sterilization processes, and tag memory has to be large and be accessed many times at high speed. Well suited for tracking, inventory and automation purposes in healthcare environments, food production, manufacture lines and nuclear plants, the tag is optimized for non-metallic surfaces and can be mounted on or embedded in virtually any object, thanks to a diameter of just 30 millimeters and a thickness of 3 millimeters. The IN Tag 300 8KB has a robust encasement that is rated both IP68 and IP69K and survives strong impacts, high temperature, high pressure and exposure to a wide range of corrosive chemical agents. The product is also ATEX certified and can be delivered with custom embossed or printed logo upon request.