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HID Global Glass Tag HF - HID Global Vigo 1.6K (6B0201)

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HID Global Glass Tag HF - HID Global Vigo 1.6K 6B0201Specifically designed for being embedded in customized housings, the HID Global Glass Tags HF are ISO 15693 compliant RFID tags that bring together extremely small sizes, excellent durability and high performance and reliability, at competitive costs. They work when inserted in all non-metallic assets or mounted on metallic surfaces, also in strong presence of water and other liquids, and even immersed. These HF tags are an excellent solution for RFID-enabling a virtually unlimited variety of assets, including tools, industrial equipment, diverse kinds of containers, healthcare and pharmaceuticals high value goods, metallic kegs, gas cylinders. Additionally, the Glass Tags HF can be used as semi-finished products to manufacture customized tags. HID Global's fully automated manufacturing process give these tags excellent quality and reliability when used in all situations and for long time periods. Thanks to their glass encapsulation, they offer extreme resistance to chemicals and high thermal stability. All the HID Global Glass Tags HF are ATEX certified. Other sizes, chips, frequencies and communication protocols are available upon request. This product version has diameter of just 2.1 mm and a height of 12 mm, and features the HID Global Vigo 1.6k chip that provides a 64-bit UID and 1664 bits of user memory protected by a 32-bit password.