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Farsens X1-SXX

General description of the Farsens X1-SXX. In order to easily find the best RFID tags for your applications by defining many tag characteristics at a time, please go to the RFID Tag Search page.

Farsens X1-SXXBattery-free UHF RFID tag featuring a connector for an external switch, Farsens X1-SXX allows to check the open/closed status of the controlled switch and transmit the data to any EPC Gen 2 standard compliant reader, together with the 96-bit EPC tag identifier. Working without the need for a battery and therefore maintenance, X1-SXX is an excellent wireless solution for monitoring the status of switches in hardly accessible places and situations where use of batteries is not recommended. The product is an excellent solution for situations where the status of open/closed electrical wires or connected/disconnected components must be easily and quickly controlled and recorded. The X1-SXX has an output data rate of 2 Hz and can be equipped with one of the following three types of connectors for external switches: a 2.00 mm Pitch SIL Latched Vertical Pin Header, a 2.00 mm Pitch Male 1x2 Header or just the 1x2 Header Footprint (pitch 2.00 mm). The standard X1 models come in non-protected PCB formats for custom encapsulation or embedding in non-metallic assets/materials, but Farsens can deliver the products with fully customized encasements to meet any requirement in terms of mounting options and durability for use in demanding environments, including IP68 protection. The X1-SXX has only one switch connector, but other product versions with 8, 16 or 32 switch connectors are available upon request (X8, X16 and X32).