Nedap Identification Systems UHF Windshield Tag, high performance RFID windshield labels with anti-tampering functionality

Nedap anti-tamper windshield labelsNedap Identification Systems offers high performance RFID windshield labels is designed to provide long read range, anti-tamper functionality and easy integration with existing vehicle identification systems.   .

Anti-tamper RFID windshield labels

UHF Windshield Tag

Nedap Identification Systems’ UHF Windshield Tags are a cost-effective solution for reliable RF identification of vehicles. Attached to the interior side of the windshield, these EPC Gen 2 passive RFID labels provide read range up to 4 meters and high durability thanks to their high quality adhesive and the ability to withstand UV rays. The products are available with anti-tamper functionality that makes it very hard to remove the tags without breaking them. Furthermore, a special security protection ensures data integrity and prevents copy attempts. The Nedap Identification Systems UHF Windshield Tags can be delivered pre-printed with bar codes, logos and other human readable data. Wiegand 26 bits, magnetic stripe or Nedap XS formatting can be provided in order to ease the integration within existing vehicle identification systems.

More information on these RFID windshield labels from Nedap Identification Systems is also available in the VeryFields RFID Tags Database.

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