Booster 2G, innovative solution for combined identification of people and vehicles from Nedap Identification Systems

Access control of people and vehiclesNedap Identification Systems offers Booster 2G, interesting devices designed to allow combined long-range access control of people and vehicles with the use of RFID badges commonly used to access buildings.   .

RFID long range driver identification

Booster 2G

Featuring a slot to accommodate drivers’ personal RFID cards, the Booster 2G are battery-powered devices able to transmit at long range both their own unique IDs and the personal access credentials contained in the cards, so that access to restricted areas is granted only to authorized vehicles occupied by authorized drivers. Attached to the interior side of the windshield by means of suction pads, the Booster 2G work at 2.45 GHz providing long range driver identification, up to 10 meters. RFID cards are easily removed and used in other vehicles equipped with the Booster 2G, or just hold by drivers for pedestrian access to buildings. The Booster 2G come in four different versions: Prox-Booster 2G, Prox Booster 2G single ID, Smartcard-Booster 2G and Transition-Booster 2G. The Prox-Booster 2G and the Prox Booster 2G single ID support almost all proximity card technologies operating on 120-125 kHz such as HID prox, EM and Nedap Identification Systems proprietary protocols. The difference between them is that the Booster 2G single ID transmits only the RFID card ID while the Prox-Booster 2G also its own ID. The Smartcard-Booster 2G works with ISO 14443 and ISO 15693 compliant smart cards (eg. MIFARE, LEGIC and HID iClass) operating at 13.56 MHz. The Transition-Booster 2G ensures compatibility with 120-125 kHz proximity cards and 13.56 MHz smartcards as well. All the Booster 2G models are powered by a replaceable AAA lithium battery.

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